Price guide

The prices here are correct as of August 2023.

How much does a website cost? A software project? Or a mobile app?

We have a price guide for you to get an idea of what you can expect to pay for a project. Contact us to get a quote for your project.

We are a VAT registered company and all our prices are exclusive of VAT.

Our price guide is based on a day rate of £465 for a mid-level developer and £760 for a senior developer. A day includes seven hours of development time. The rest of the working day is spent on meetings, training, and other non-billable activities.

  • A mid-level developer is someone who can work independently on a project and has a few years of experience.
  • A senior-developer has more experience and can work on any part of a system and make high level decisions from both a technical and business perspective.

Sometimes we may use juniors (developers with less experience who work with guidance from more experienced developers) or apprentices at a lower rate. Our developers are all based here in the United Kingdom and you'll meet them on Zoom/Teams or in our Doncaster office; we don't outsource work to other countries to save money.

A web app

A web app is used by visiting a website, either on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. Building a web app is simpler than building a mobile app. The price for a web app is usually half the price of an equivalent mobile app.

A mobile app

We are often approached by people who have an idea for a mobile app. They're not sure if it's a good idea or not, but they want to know how much it would cost to build a tester version before committing to a fully fledged app. For this we suggest a prototype or minimum viable product, depending on the audience. The price for the full feature-complete and polished product is usually 50% to 100% more than the prototype. We'll help you through the submission process to the app stores.

App idea Guide price
A Wordle clone on iOS and Android. £2,500
A timesheet app for carers with secure note-taking facilities linked to service users and holiday booking with administrator facility for managers to approve holidays. £12,500
An app for a property maintenance company to allow customers to book jobs and for engineers to view and complete jobs. Rent management for tenants with a card payment facility. Inventory management for landlords, including 1000 minutes of video storage. £20,000

A 6-page brochure WordPress website

A brochure website is a simple website that has a few pages of information about your business. It's a great way to get your business online and start to generate leads. However, it does not require the bespoke software development skills that we offer and you should look for agencies that specialise in brochure websites. We won't sell to you when your needs will be better served elsewhere.

A bespoke e-commerce website

If you have a physical product and want to sell it online, you'll want an e-commerce website. If your needs are simple then you will be served well by services such as Shopify or Squarespace and a web designer.

Our expertise lies in making your website do exactly what you need it to do and talk to your other systems and your third party's systems. We can program any discount structure, any pricing structure, any navigation. We can make search that works for your products. We integrate with your own mobile app, eBay, Stripe, PayPal, Amazon, Sage, K8, multiple couriers, and many more. We've integrated with so many systems we'll say yes to nearly anything you ask for. XML, JSON, CSV, SOAP, API, it's all good.

With that in mind, here's a fictitious e-commerce project costing:

E-commerce project Guide price
A website for non-alcoholic drinks brands to sell into surprise hampers with AI-supported price negotiation tool. Custom feeds are needed to support each brand's product catalogue - they all use different tech.

Customers can subscribe to a surprise hamper and the AI will negotiate the price with the brands, sending the brand's contact a link to accept or counter new offers.

Delivery routes are calculated to minimise the cost between own-transport delivery already offered by the company and third party courier services. Any excess stock is regularly advertised to the public at a discount via integration to the Mailchimp newsletter and social media accounts. Reminder emails are sent out to subscribers prior to each delivery. Payments are taken automatically by Stripe and transferred to the company's accounting system when successful.

The company has many ideas and wants to keep innovating and adding new features.
£30,000 initially
+£1,200 per month for extra features

Small bits of development

If you need a developer to work on a project or problem for a few hours or days, we can help. Our rate is then by the hour at £100 per hour (mid-level) or £160 per hour (senior).

Ongoing costs

Ongoing costs involve security, maintenance, backups, hosting, and support. We can help you with all of these. First we'll explain what each of these things are and then we'll give you a guide price.

Security: all our software is Internet facing and we take security very seriously. We use secure coding techniques and peer review to keep our software secure. Our software is built on top of other popular software that may, over time, be found to be vulnerable. We routinely check for vulnerabilities and apply security updates. For general purpose projects we will review security at least quarterly. For sensitive or e-commerce projects we review security far more frequently.

Maintenance: we try our best to write perfect software but in reality bugs happen. On a fixed priced project, if you find a bug in our software we will fix it for free so long as the bug is reported to us within six months of the work being done. In larger projects, bugs are fixed within our daily rate.

Backups: we will suggest a backup strategy suitable to the size and sensitivity and risk of your project. The aim of a good backup strategy is to get your project back up and running as soon as possible and with the least amount of data loss after a catastrophe.

Hosting: we do not provide hosting services directly but we can recommend hosting providers and will get you set up and fully manage the hosting service for you. We will give you a guide price for the hosting costs of your project.

Support: we've given you all the notes but you're a little stuck. Maybe you have other members of staff who need bringing up to speed. We can offer you support by phone or email.

Example ongoing costs Guide price
Security and maintenance for a Wordle clone. £200 per year
Hosting and maintenance for a Wordle clone. 84 USD per year
Security, maintenance, backups, and support for a property maintenance app used by 50 landlords. £800 per year
Hosting for a property maintenance app. 252 USD per year
Security, maintenance, backups, and support for a 200+ order/day ecommerce site. £200 per month
Hosting for a 200+ order/day ecommerce site. 112 USD per month


We keep our prices affordable by keeping our business lean. We maintain a high ratio of developers to supporting staff and keep advertising to a minimum.

Ongoing retainers

If you have a project that requires ongoing development, we can offer a retainer. Retainers of ten days or more per month are charged at a discounted rate of £420 per day (mid-level) or £685 per day (senior). We'll make sure you always have the resources on hand to keep your project moving forward.

Our smallest and biggest projects

Are we a good fit budget-wise? Our smallest projects start from around £2,000. Our largest projects are ongoing systems that power businesses and involve retainers upwards of £135,000 per year. We work with solo entrepreneurs, small companies and Fortune 250 companies.

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