Sustainability is at the heart of Commit Digital’s being

Looking after

  • our planet
  • our staff
  • our customers

Commit Digital exists to provide us with a rewarding, healthy, and environmentally-friendly way to get by in this world whilst letting us geek out on the things we love: computers and technology.

Looking after our planet

Being in the tech industry means that we have a responsibility not to put pressure on the environment. Our computers, our hosting, and our Google searches all nibble away at our limited resources.

What are we doing? We:

Looking after our people

Work is a big part of our lives so it should be enjoyable. Our office is quiet and relaxed and we work 32 hours in a four-day week. We don't do overtime. All our staff are paid at least the real Living Wage. We switch off our emails and phones when we’ve done our work for the day. (Ian can be contacted in emergencies, which happens rarely!)

Looking after you

We wouldn’t be here without you. We like to grow our relationships with our customers and become digital partners in their business. We deliver consistent quality because we expect the software we make to be part of our legacy for years to come.