Ruby on Rails in the UK

Ruby help for

  • prototypes
  • legacy
  • D2C
  • ecommerce

We are a bunch of talented Ruby on Rails software developers based right here in the United Kingdom, in the north of England to be precise. We've got a combined 16 years experience working with Ruby on Rails.

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Our strengths are in online shopping, particularly in the direct to consumer (D2C) market where we give our customers an edge by delivering low cost, robust, custom software that fits to their needs and fits to what makes them unique. We can integrate online shopping with bespoke customer relationship management (CRM), warehouse activities, marketing tools, external services (such as courier services or accounting applications), machinery, and pretty much anything else with an API.

Mobile app backends

Rails is a good fit for many types of mobile app backends such as those that need a secure admin interface and API endpoints to communicate with the mobile apps (such as REST or GraphQL).


Rails is out-of-the-box ready to go. It's an ideal framework for rapidly protoyping an app idea on a budget, letting you get a minimum viable product out to test the market before committing further.

Legacy software

We are happy to maintain and breathe new life into your legacy Rails apps, and can help you upgrade to secure modern versions of Rails. We can add new features that are fully tested using test-driven development.

No outsourcing

We don't outsource any of our Ruby on Rails development and we don't hire offshore workers to do our development work. You'll have direct access to the programmers working on your projects.